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Google yet to axe loan apps despite cops’ mail

Google yet to axe loan apps despite cops’ mail

Though 50 cases have been registered against money lending apps and Telangana police requested Google to remove 113 apps from its PlayStore, the internet search giant is yet to remove most and has axed only a handful of apps. Hyderabad police have registered 29 cases, Cyberabad 10, Warangal seven and Rachakonda four cases based on complaints against money lending apps.Disclaimer: This…

Though 50 cases have been registered against money lending apps and Telangana police requested Google to remove 113 apps from its PlayStore, the internet search giant is yet to remove most and has axed only a handful of apps. Hyderabad police have registered 29 cases, Cyberabad 10, Warangal seven and Rachakonda four cases based on complaints against money lending apps.Disclaimer: This story is auto-aggregated by a computer program and has not been created or edited by TelanganaToday.in site. Publisher:Times of India

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